Dancing Tables & Dancing Chairs

By Katherine First & Kitchen Party

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  1. Dancing Tables
    Walls Of Liscarroll
    Christy Barry’s
    Dancing Chairs
  2. Kerfrank
    A Man’s A Man For A’That
  3. Angeline The Baker
  4. Butterfly
    Man Of The House
    Brenda Stubbert’s
  5. St. Anne’s
    Flowers Of Edinburgh
    Red Haired Boy
    Over The Waterfall
    John Ryan’s
  6. Carolan’s Welcome
    Indian Point
    Da Full Rigged Ship
    Da New Rigged Ship
  7. Sally Garden
  8. Growling Old Man & Woman
    Friend Of The Devil
  9. The Parting Glass
  10. A Day And An Age

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Katherine First & Kitchen Party - Dancing Tables & Dancing Chairs

On this album:
- Katherine First (fiddle/vocals)
- Buddy Downey (guitar/lead vocals/whistle)
- Jeff Hinrichs (bodhran/djembe/percussion/vocals)
- Chris Haynes (piano accordion/piano/vocals)
- Allen Belkin (banjo/lead vocals/backup vocals)

Dancing Chairs is one of Katherine’s compositions.