A Moment in Time

By Katherine First & Kitchen Party

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  1. A Moment In Time
  2. Bear Dance
    Don’t Get Trouble In Your Mind
  3. Cold Frosty Morning
    Evit Gabriel
    Devil The Kitchen
  4. Viroqua
    Foggy Dew
  5. Wild Rose Of The Mountain
  6. Hot Corn Cold Corn
    Father Kelly
    Toss The Feathers
  7. Lakes Of Ponchartrain
  8. You’re A Nation
  9. Rolling In My Sweet Babies Arms
  10. The Coo Coo Bird
  11. Life Boat
  12. Roxy Sings

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Katherine First & Kitchen Party - A Moment in Time

On this album:
- Katherine First (fiddle/vocals)
- Buddy Downey (guitar /vocals/whistle/harmonica)
- Allen Belkin (banjo/mandolin/whistle /vocals)
- Jeff Hinrichs (djembe/bodhran/boes/vocals)
- Chris Haynes (piano accordion /piano)

A Moment In Time is one of Katherine’s, and You’re a Nation is one of Buddy’s.