Stormy Weather

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Track 10

Anybody know the name of the tune played at the end of the song in Track 10? Played in A here, but I think I’ve heard it played at sessions in another key–just can’t remember the name, and nothing mentioned on the cd insert.

In answer to the above - [ even after 3 years ]

Disgraceful that this recording has been here for 10 years, with absolutely no comment. Excellent selection of tunes and songs by some fine players - see below - on this , the band’s 2nd album.

Paul O’Shaughnessy - fiddle
Paul McGrattan - flute and whistles
Brendan begley - accordion & melodeon, vocals
Noel O’Grady - bouzouki
Gavin Ralston - guitar & keyboards.

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“The Dublin” reel…track 11…

…is actually the Northern version known as “The Cocktail”, not the one linked to.

I’ll be eternally grateful to the band for introducing me to the Donegal version of the Scottish tune “The Corn Rigs” - 3rd tune on track 1 - a great piece of music, worth buying the CD for that 1 tune alone.

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