Good Tunes, vol.1

By Good Tunes Band

  1. Andy De Jarlis’
  2. Angel Tarantella
  3. Arran Boat
  4. Belltable
  5. Berendans
  6. Blacktown
  7. Colin Charlton’s
  8. Crabbit Shona
  9. Crested Hen
  10. Dancia Pelegrina
  11. Dedicado A Jos
  12. Den Toppede Hone Fra Vensyssel
  13. Devil Among The Tailors
  14. Doc Boyd’s
  15. Far From Home
  16. Flogging
  17. Frank Collins’ Second
  18. Fred Picknell’s March
  19. Gran Cuntradanza
  20. Harry Axford’s
  21. Joe Cormier’s
  22. Josefin’s Vals
  23. Jump At The Sun
  24. Le Reel De Voyageur
  25. Lindhals Polka Efter Bror Dahlgren
  26. Marcha Nupcial De Chorin El Llagareru
  27. Mazurka Limousin
  28. Millers
  29. Munster Bank
  30. Pascuais De La Sacristana
  31. Polka De Pe Faulon
  32. Price Of A Pig
  33. Reel Des Eboulements
  34. Rosbif
  35. Sam’s Tarantella
  36. Sheepskin And Beeswax
  37. Tom Sullivan’s
  38. Toureendarby
  39. Valze De Mezzanotte
  40. Wedding Of Lochan McGraw

Two comments

Re: Good Tunes, vol.1

I would highly recommend this one. The fact that the tunes are all in alphabetical order makes them relatively easy to navigate. They appear to be a mixture of Scottish tunes and traditional tunes from other European countries.

Re: Good Tunes, vol.1

As far as I know, there is yet to be a "Good Tunes, Vol.2."