The Rocks of Bawn

By Colm O’Donnell

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  1. The Green Fields of Canada
  2. A Stór Mo Chroí
  3. Thousands Are Sailing
  4. Pat Murphy’s Meadow
  5. The Girl that Broke My Heart
    Maids of Mountcisco
  6. Parish of Knockmore
  7. Tandaragee
  8. Dear Little Lake
  9. The Banks of the Moy
  10. Ward’s
    Sí Do Mhamo
  11. The Rocks of Bawn
  12. The Bodhrán
  13. Griffins Town Hill
  14. Bailing Twine

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Re: The Rocks of Bawn

Issued presumably in the late 1990s (my copy states ‘reissued in August 2000), this is largely a song album by the Sligo man known mainly for his flute- and whistle-playing.

The songs are sung unaccompanied and the two tune sets are lilted.

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