Irish Grace Notes

By Ailbe Grace

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Don’t know anything about him - nothing at all in the insert notes - but he is a very fine player. I will probably need to edit some of the tune links, but can’t at the moment.

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Box player, that is ;)

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Met Ailbe on my first ever trip to Ireland, nearly 15 years ago. Also my first ever venture into a proper Irish trad music pub, McGanns in Doolin. Ailbe had just called in for the evening (think he’s Dublin based). Together with Kevin Griffin’s banjo and Shane McGowan’s guitar they produced a fantastic night of hard driving tunes, with Kevin’s well chosen sets with changes with great lift building up into lovely 20 minute long sets. We (me with mandolin, friend with bodhran) were given a friendly welcome, and eventually asked to join in / play along, (even a mic placed in front of us, but only after Shane had leant across for a close listen to be sure we couldn’t do too much musical damage). Didn’t really have enough repertoire or skill to make most of it, but still a great memory of one of the best nights music ever, despite many hundreds of sessions since then. Later on, bought this CD, but not surprisingly, a bit disappointed, as it couldn’t hope to compare with the live experience.