Jimmy Crowley

By Jimmy Crowley

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  1. Nora Lee
  2. Moriarty
  3. That’s The Way From Day To Day
  4. The Old House
  5. Come Back Henry Ford ( To Our Land )
  6. The Bandon Car
  7. The Mad Lady And Me
  8. The Ballad Of Stephen Roche
  9. Here I Am Says Bernie Murphy
  10. Gortnamona
  11. Let Ye All Be Irish Tonight
  12. The End Of An Era

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Re: Jimmy Crowley

I was very surprised to find that Jimmy had a CD out on "K-tel", released in 1990, apparently. It’s not his best collection by any means, but tracks 3 and 6 in particular are as good as any of his previous work. Buy his earlier recordings rather than this.

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