9th St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Festival

By Various Artists

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  1. Colleen
  2. Reel ‘n’ Roll
  3. Don’t You Be the One
  4. Pride of the Springfield Road
  5. Step it out Mary
  6. Carrow Clare
  7. Lakes of Sligo Polkas
  8. Darling Girl from Clare
  9. The Síbín Set
  10. Susanna Martin
  11. The Scairt Set
  12. One Miner’s Life
  13. At Rest
  14. Comes the Dawn
  15. The Blacksmith
  16. The Launching Of The Boat
    The Moving Bog
    Miss Langford’s
  17. Aidan Coffey’s
    Séamus Creagh’s
  18. Micho Russell’s
    The Kerry

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Re: 9th St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Festival

Magnetic Music; 1998

The album has three tracks each from, in order, Rawlins Cross, Midnight Court, At the Racket, Calando, Mary O’Regan, and North Cregg.

Midnight Court is not the Martin Hayes band, but a trio that toured Germany regularly.

Mary O’Regan is a singer from Tralee and Calando was a short-lived trio consisting of Deirdre and Donncha Moynihan and Elma McElligot.

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Re: 9th St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Festival

Rawlins Cross is from Newfoundland.