Welcome: Who Are You ?

By Moving Cloud (Denmark)

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  1. The Wild Colonial Boy
  2. Coleman’s No.1
    Ton Double Fisel
    Kiely Cotter’s
    How We Spent The Christmas
  3. The Blind Beggar
    The Wistful Wanderer
  4. The New Found Out
    Round The World
    Ormond Sound
  5. What Will You Do ?
    April Rain
  6. Anahorish
    My Place Of Clear Water
  7. House Of Gerding
    Mind The Crawler
  8. The Girl I Left Behind
    The Moth
  9. Farewell To Monagh
    Welcome To Mauden
    Drops Of Springwater
    The New Mown Meadows
  10. Around The Hills Of Clare
  11. Spic And Span
    The Old Apricot
    The Wandering Trousers
  12. Owney Davey’s
    Tommy Whelan’s
    Johnny Hand’s
    Mrs. Flanagan’s
  13. The Peeler And The Goat
    The Plastered Peeler

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Re: Welcome : Who Are You ?

This is not the band of Kevin Crawford, Paul Brock and co, but a group of musicians from Denmark with an English singer. The notes lay claim to the name from 1988, pre-dating the Irish "Moving Cloud" by some 7 years or so.
There’s some good music on this recording, many of the tunes self-composed by band members. I particularly like the song, "Around The Hills Of Clare" [ Track #10].
The group are / were :
Sven Kjeldsen : bodhrans, percussion, vocals
Mette Lovschal : Irish step-dance, vocal
Christopher Davis Maack : fiddle
John Pilkington : vocal, guitar, bouzouki
Klavs Vester : flute, whistles

This CD was released in 2008.

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