Laura and the Lads

By Laura MacKenzie

  1. Jim Donahue’s
    Cathal McConnell’s
    Knackers Of Navan
  2. A Bhodach
    Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight
  3. Spailpin A Rún
    Bird’s Hill
    The Dark Spot
  4. The Corncrake
  5. Robin Sure In The Hairst
    Knives And Forks
    The Presbyterian
  6. Monaco Madness
    Tom’s Tune
  7. Adieu Les Filles
    Le Crabe Noir
    Vire Loup
  8. Ormond House
    The Long Drop
    Toss The Feathers
  9. Dugan’s Dream
    Turn The Key
  10. Vive Lá L’printemps
  11. The Farewell To Whiskey
    Dark Girl Dressed in Blue
  12. Once I Loved
  13. Big Pat
    O Gráda’s
    Piper On Horseback
  14. En Biduane
    Danza De Camoneú D’Onjs

Two comments

Laura MacKenzie - Laura and the Lads

On this album:
- Laura MacKenzie (wooden flute/whistle/concertina/Scottish smallpipes/border pipes/vocals)
- Django Amerson (fiddle)
- Sean Egan (clarinet)
- Brian Miller (guitar)
- John Wright (bass)
- Michael Bissonnette (percussion)

Laura’s website:

Most of the track composers (trad or otherwise) can be found here:

Stumbled onto this album through The Killavil Postman Polka (track 11c).

Re: Laura and the Lads

I’ll have to check this one out. Her album “Celtic Christmas: A Collection of Holiday Christmas Favorites” was one of the first traditional music albums I received, and it is excellent, so I’m sure this one is, too.