Different Ways to Meet You

By Folk Studio A

  1. Henry Martin
  2. East At Glendart
    The Leitrim Fancy
    Out On The Ocean
    Patsy Geary
  3. Back Street Girl
  4. Spare Leg
    Open House
    Riding On A Load Of Hay
    Julia Clifford’s (Polka)
  5. Shillelagh Seller
  6. Teardrops And Lies
  7. The Angel And The Little Star
    Michael And The Little Fish
  8. From The Blue
    Out Of The Wood
  9. The Pigeon On The Gate
    The Morning Star
    The Chattering Magpie
    Holy Land
  10. Step It Out
  11. Where Is The End Of The Road?

One comment

Folk Studio A - Different Ways to Meet You

2007 album.

Couldn’t find much info on this one, or this group. Found the album through the “Riding a Load of Hay” polka. Based on their Facebook page & Discogs, they seem to be from Italy.

They have three or four more “celtic” albums, including “Anthem” (1991), “Now & Then” (1995), and “Folk & Noble Jig” (1998).