Down Among the Dead Men

By Mawkin

Added by ndlxs .
  1. Midnight Ranger
  2. Blind Fiddler
  3. Smuggler’s Song
  4. To Wednesday
  5. Old Fool
  6. Saxons
    Pretty Girls
  7. Oh Dear Oh
  8. Diamond Ship
  9. Big Fish
    Little Fish
    Ugly Fish
  10. Down Among The Dead Men
  11. Cooke’s Water
  12. Jolly Roving Tar

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Re: Down Among the Dead Men

Thank you all for the replies.
I think I’ll just go with the idea of enjoying the music for myself, mostly. I guess, in thinking about it, a person who isn’t familiar with folk music would not have had much appreciation for the selections I chose, not all of which were 4/4 for sure. The songs on the playlist were:
1. "Shew’s the Way Medley" by Canny Fettle
2. "We’ll Soon Have Work to Dee" by Canny Fettle
3. "Adam Buckham" by the High Level Ranters
4. "Bellingham Boat/Lambskinnet" by High Level Ranters
5. "Y Dydd" by Crasdant
6. the "Gwyr Pen-Dref" jig/slip jig set by Crasdant
So probably not to the best intro to folk!
The majority of the songs chosen by others were rap, other than "Hey There Delilah." Even I had to admit mine felt a bit out of place.

Re: Down Among the Dead Men

Oops! That post was supposed to have gone into my other discussion. My bad!