Let Loose in Letterfrack

By Various Artists

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  1. Carolan’s Cap
    Miss Monaghan’s
  2. Con Cassidy’s 1
    Con Cassidy’s 2
  3. The Rose of Arranmore
  4. Angel Candles
  5. The Cuigui Lasses
    Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part
  6. Connie O’Connell’s
    Bela Fleck’s
  7. Timbre
  8. Mavourneen
  9. Putting It Off
  10. Rolling in the Rye Grass
    The Traveller
  11. Who Put the Blood?
  12. Winter Bird
  13. Molly Brannigan’s
    Sporting Nell
  14. I’m a Bogman
  15. Mystery Train

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Re: Let Loose in Letterfrack

Track 1 Josephine Marsh, Mick Kinsella & Padraig O’Broin
Track 2 Mary Finn & Colm Kenny
Track 3 Sean Tyrrell
Track 4 Maire Breathnach
Track 5 Letterfrack National School
Track 6 Tola Custy & Mirella Murrey
Track 7 Moya Cannon
Track 8 Pam Conroy
Track 9 Laoise Kelly
Track 10 Michael Hynes & Sean Tyrrell
Track 11 Maria Sheridan
Track 12 Moya Cannon
Track 13 The McCarthy Sisters
Track 14 Luka Bloom
Track 15 The Mystery Jam Band

Re: Let Loose in Letterfrack

Released in 2003, this was the third in a series of fundraising CDs issued by the Connamara Environmental and Cultural Centre. It’s a bit of a mixed-up bag of tunes, songs and poetry.


1) Josephine Marsh (button accordion), Mick Kinsella (harmonica) and Pádraig Ó Broin (guitar);
2) Mary Finn (piano accordion) and Colm Kenny (flute);
3) Seán Tyrrell (vocals, tenor guitar and mandocello) and Mick Kinsella (harmonica);
4) Máire Breatnach (fiddle, viola and keyboards);
5) Letterfrack National School (boxes and whistles);
6) Tóla Custy (fiddle) and Mirella Murray (piano accordion);
7 & 12) Moya Cannon (speech);
8) Pam Conway (vocals);
9) Laoise Kelly (harp);
10) Michael Hynes (flute), Seán Tyrrell (banjo), Fergus Feely (bouzouki) and Robbie Walsh (bodhrán);
11) Maria Sheridan (vocals), Tommy Keane (fiddle) and Jimmy Fitzgerald (guitars);
13) The McCarthy Sisters: Jacqueline McCarthy (concertina), Bernadette McCarthy (fiddle) and Marion McCarthy (uilleann pipes);
14) Luka Bloom (vocals and guitar);
15) The Mystery Jam Band: Jimmy Fitzgerald (electric guitar), Mick Kinsella (harmonica) and P.J. Curtis (acoustic guitar).

The second tune on track 6 is untitled, but composed by Bela Fleck. Track 8 is a Laoise Kelly original. Track 15 was written by Junior Parker and is usually associated with Elvis Presley.

The liner listings contain more than a few misprints and I suspect that the opening tune of track 13 is actually Molly Brallaghan. I have changed the misheard title of track 3.

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