Back to Where You Started

By The Thaxted Country Dance Band

  1. Shepton Mallet
  2. Jack’s Maggot
  3. Off She Goes
  4. La Russe
  5. Shuffling Samuel
  6. Thread the Needle
  7. Jack O’ Robinson
  8. Billy’s
  9. Looking for a Partner
  10. Red Wing
  11. Yorkshire Square Eight
  12. Newcastle
  13. Picking up Sticks
  14. Plain Schottische
    Flowers Of Edinburgh
  15. Postie’s
  16. Morpeth Rant
  17. Rig A
    John Of Paris
  18. Not for Joes
  19. The Queen’s
  20. Captain McGuire
    Babes in the Wood
    All the Way to Galway
  21. Filby’s
  22. Waltzes from Harry de Caux

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Re: Back to Where You Started — the Thaxted Country Dance Band

This is a live album, but has great quality. My only issue with it is the tune titles listing, as sometimes alternate names and tune authors are listed but it is sometimes hard to tell how they are separated.