By Jennifer And Hazel Wrigley

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  1. Eynhallow Soond
    Halloween Flit
  2. Rohan
    Keenan’s Welcome
    Peedie Sophie
  3. Meg’s
    Reel O’ Colster
  4. The Giant Party
    Stoned Giants
  5. Hills Of Hoy
  6. Shannandah Falls
  7. Barbara’s Wedding
  8. Ingi
  9. Light Flight
    Chi Cha
  10. The Whistlebinkies Ghost
    Dougal’s Sustain
  11. Horse Of Copinsay
  12. Orkney Isles
    Toe Reid
  13. The Ba’ Rag
  14. Huldreland

Four comments

Huldreland by Wrigley Sisters

Lovely album of Wrigley Sisters from Orkney. It contains some of greatest tunes Jennifer ever wrote, such as Eynhallow Soond, Rohan, Dougal’s Sustain, etc. Of course, Hazel’s guitar playing is great, too.

You will also enjoy Jennifer’s fiddle playing in collaboration album “Birlin’ Fiddles,” which features some of the tunes in this recording.

“Barbara’s Wedding ”

…unless my Amazon digital version is mislabelled, “Barbara’s Wedding” sounds exactly like the American Old-Time/Bluegrass tune, Shendandoah Falls.

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The Amazon, Spotify, and iTunes versions are all problematic -- the last track is actually missing, and the other ones are mislabeled starting with track 4 (Giant Party/Stoned Giants is labeled as Hills of Hoy, and so on).

On Amazon, it’s easy to see the difference because they also sell the CD version, which lists the right tracks. See: vs. Very annoying.

Re: Huldreland

Hazel is a very good keyboard player too with original accompaniments which Jenny’s always pleased with I think. Peerie Willie Johnson has influenced her. She has written one or two tunes herself and I posted one on the Session from the inexpensive book you can buy at The Reel in Broad Street, Kirkwall, Orkney - next to the Cathedral. They both have a nice sense of humour.