By Heck

By Frankie Gavin’s Roaring Twenties Irish Orchestra

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  1. Galway Farewell
  2. Kitty Come Over
    The Rakes Of Clonmel
  3. The Contrary
  4. Tickling The Strings Rag
  5. Scatter The Mud
    When Sick Is It Tea That You Want?
  6. By Heck
  7. The Bright Star Of Munster
    The Coalminer’s
  8. The Dream - Irish Foxtrot
  9. The Coach Road To Sligo
  10. Rights Of Man
    The Sunshine
  11. Out On The Ocean
  12. Teetotaller’s
    The Limestone Rock
  13. Auld Lang Syne With The Flanagan Brothers

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Track #1 :

Track #2 :

Track #3 :

Track #7 :

Track # 11 :

Frankie Gavin’s tribute band, remembering the Irish recording artists in the USA between the 1920s and 1940s. A “vintage” sound using fiddle, banjo, and the amazingly talented Emma Corbett on melodeon, with a brass section.
Music to put a smile on your face !
I bought this as a download, which only gives a single title to each track. I will try to fill in the other tune titles where I can identify them later.
I am assuming the “Youtube” clip titles are accurate - I haven’t checked them all yet.

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