Come Dance With Me

By Richard Wood

  1. Julia Delaney’s (Come Dance With Me)
  2. Gan Ainm (Scottish March)
    Ormond Castle
    Ann McNamara
    Gan Ainm (Amin Reel)
    The Cambridge
    Gan Ainm (Irish Reel)
  3. Gremlin
    Dédicato à Veres
  4. Tranquility
  5. Canty Jeanie Munroe
    Miss Lexie Smith
    Eugene Stratton
    Isle Of Skye
  6. Too Many Notes
    Dunbarton Castle
    The Expedience
    The Emerald Isle
  7. Gan Ainm (Gmaj Reel)
    Four AM
    The Sky Lark
  8. Poinsettia
    The Sweeps
    Boys Of The Lough
    Jock Wilson’s Ball
    Gan Ainm (Amaj Reel)
    Hill Of Tara
  9. Maureen Ennis
  10. Gan Ainm (Gmaj Jig)
    Gan Ainm (Gmaj Jig)
    Colonel McBain
    Morpeth Rant
    Gan Ainm (Amaj Reel)
  11. Gloomy Winter (Slow Air)

Seven comments

Richard Wood - Come Dance With Me

Richard’s fifth album.

Many tunes are traditional Irish & Scottish, many are Richard’s, and a quite a few are others’ (more recent) compositions. For more info on the tune composers, see:

On this album:
- Richard Wood (fiddle/piano/djembe)
- Brad Fremlin (piano/percussion/synthesizer)
- Skip Holmes (acoustic guitar/banjo)
- Gordie Belsher (acoustic guitar/bodhran)
- Jamie Robinson (electric guitar/drums synthesizer)
- Danny Sutherland (electric bass/upright/fretless)
- Tom Roach (drums/percussion)
- Jimmy Faraday (percussion)
- Liz Rigney (vocals)
- Mike Cowie (trumpet)
- Brett Bezanson (drums)
- Glenn Coolen (tin whistle/small pipes)
- Harold Tsistinas (strings synthesizer)

Re: Come Dance With Me

Wow, looks like a great variety of dances here!
There’s a barndance on this site called "Antigonish." I wonder if that’s the "Antigonish Polka" from here.

Re: Come Dance With Me

That is a lot of Angigonish polkas. I only knew one from 422.

Re: Come Dance With Me

Honestly not too familiar with that one, yet. May have heard the others, but have only knowingly listened to this one on this album. This one has a Canadian/Ontario tune feel to it.

Re: Come Dance With Me

Track 3b, "Antigonish Polka", is the same as track 12a of Wendy MacIsaac’s album, which is currently listed as "Gan Ainm". So, perhaps there’s a fourth tune with the name Antigonish Polka.

I prefer Richard’s playing of the tune to Wendy’s.