Ar Log Saith / VII

By Ar Log

  1. Tŷ A Gardd
    I Lawr A’r Ffrancwyr
    Gwyr Pendref
  2. Mabon
    Castell Dinbych
  3. Ffarwel I Ddociau Lerpwl
    Galar Gwyr Ffrainc
  4. Bwlch Llanberis
    Walts Trefforest
  5. Telynor Ifan Llangwm
  6. Caru Doli
  7. Cân John Henry Jones
  8. Boneddigesau Gwent:
    Difyrrwch Arglwyddes Owen
    Gwenynen Gwent
    Hoffedd Arglwyddes Y Fenni
    The Croppies’ March
  9. Y Fwyalchen Ddu Bigfelen
  10. Daw Dydd Y Bydd Mawr Y Rhai Bychain
  11. Broliant Bennett:
    Rhediad I’r Odyn
    Pedwar Post Y Gwely
    Pibddawns Sir Gar
    Pibddawns Abertawe
    Ceiliog Y Grug
  12. Ar Hyd Y Nos

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Re: Ar Log Saith / VII

Sain, 2018 - SCD2770

"2018 sees Wales? first professional folk group Ar Log release a new album ? Ar Log VII, their first album in 22 years!"

Two years ago, in 2016, the group celebrated 40 years of touring in 21 countries over 3 continents, and then in March 2017 the group went back to the studio to start recording Ar Log VII. - - -"
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This is in answer to a request for a full tune list for this recording, which sadly I have yet to enjoy myself. Apologies if I’ve made any mistakes, which for anyone with better knowledge - you can easily correct… ;-)

Ar hyd y nos! - ‘c’

Re: Ar Log Saith / VII

I’m slowly revising this by correcting spellings and making links, the source for the list being problematic, something I’d noticed and wanted to chase up, for example that source’s spelling of ‘pibddawns’ with only one ‘d’… I’ll also try to see if I can add one or two other transcriptions if I find they aren’t already here…

Re: Ar Log Saith / VII

A big thank-you to Ceolachan for investing so much time in adding this recording, whose full tune listing I requested.