Dance of the Fairies

By Susan Mashiyama

  1. Dance Of The Fairies
  2. Seven Teardrops
  3. Sumiko’s
  4. The Return
  5. The Icy Fjords Of Norway
  6. Danny Boy
  7. Black Is The Color
  8. Ave Maria
  9. The Moon And Seven Stars
    The Star Above The Garter
    The Kesh
  10. Greensleeves
  11. She Moved Through The Fair
  12. Alleluia

One comment

Susan Mashiyama - Dance of the Fairies

Harp and songs from Susan. Available at:

- David Brewer (track 2)
- Jason Pollack (tracks 3 & 6)
- Yonatan Tietz (track 5)
- Autumn Rhodes (track 9)

Not sure what instruments each of these musicians play. The album has flute, whistle, and violin on it, so presumably, one or more of each of these.