Life of their Own

By Tim Ball and Sophie Orzechowski

  1. Jamesy Gannon’s
    Pete’s March
  2. The Independent
    The White Petticoat
  3. Margaret Mary Robinson
    The Sweetness Of Mary
  4. The Green Fields Of America
    Never Was Piping So Gay
  5. A Night At The Fair
    The Humours Of Glendart
    Father Hanley’s
  6. Chorus
  7. Miss Rowan Davies
  8. Return To Camden Town
    Tom Billy’s
    The Caribou
  9. Unsetholmen Gånglåt Efter Åke Steinholtz
  10. Far From Home
    Lady Anne Montgomery
    The Gravel Walk

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Re: Life of their Own

Lovely collection of chiefly Irish and New England tunes. Tim plays fiddle and guitar, Sophie plays fiddle and piano, and they’re joined for a few tracks by Nadine Dyskant-Miller on flute.