Tapestry III: Cottage & Castle

By Julia Lane & Fred Gosbee

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  1. Coilsfield House
  2. Carolan’s Cottage
  3. Castle Of The Faerie Queen
  4. Whithorn
  5. Dumfries House
  6. Rivendell
  7. Castle Kelly
    Drummond Castle
    Castle Kelly (Repeated)
  8. Roslin Castle
  9. Tigh Morag
    Da Peerie Hoose Ahint Da Burn
  10. Hatfield House
    Little House Under The Hill
  11. Cumbernauld House

Three comments

Re: Tapestry III: Cottage & Castle

Fred on fiddle & Julia on harp. Their arrangement of Castle Kelly & Drummond Castle is quite lovely.

Re: Tapestry III: Cottage & Castle

That’s such a cool idea to have the tunes all house, castle and cottage-themed. Are their other albums themed in a certain way as well? (I would assume there would be other albums, given that this is Tapestry III). Also, where are the players from?