The Square Triangle

By The Four Star Trio

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  1. Scatter The Mud
    Union Quay
    Rogha An Mhaistir
  2. Jack Sweeney’s
    Billy Mahony’s
    Sonny Riordan’s
  3. Fitzgerald’s
  4. Idir Corcaigh Agus Dughlas
  5. The Swallow’s Tail
    The Heather Breeze
  6. Merrily Kiss The Quaker
    The Quarry Cross
  7. Abha An TSulain
    The Honeymoon
  8. The Walking jig
    Michelle O’Sullivan’s
    Bimis Ag Ol
  9. The Miltown Cockroach
  10. Barney Brallaghan’s
    Ride A Mile
    The Sport Of The Chase
  11. The Lost
    The Rakes Of Mallow
  12. The Banks Of The Lee
  13. Templehouse
    The Boy In The Boat
    The Red Haired Lass
  14. Ode To Whiskey
  15. Hymn To St Finbarr
  16. Going For Water
    Mick Lynch’s

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Four Star Trio from Cork

Johnny McCarthy: fiddle, flute, whistle
Con O’Drisceoil: accordion, piano, harmonium, organ
Pat Ahern: irish slide guitar, high string guitar, bouzouki

Pat Ahern was one of the first to explore the addition of the guitar to dance tunes (way back when…) and has a wonderful touch.

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nice swinging Slides and Polkas

Not the Quaker….

The first tune on track six is definitely not ‘Merrily Kiss the Quaker’, although the first phrase is identical.

Sorry, apparently it is…

This version looks to me like a related, but different tune, but apparently it is considered to be a variant, rather than a separate entity. It’s also played this way on The Chieftains 3, and was apparently Denis Murphy’s version.

X: 1
T:Merrily Kiss the Quaker
GAB D2 B c2 A BGE | GED D (3EFG A3 AGE |
|:G2 B d2 d edB dBA | G2 B d2 B ABA AGE |
G2 B d2 d edB d2 B | GAB D2 E G3 G2 D:|
|:G2 B d2 d edB g2 e | dBA GBd e2 f g3|
ged BAB d2 B AGE | GAB D2 E G3 G2 D:|