The Housekeepers

By Doireann Glackin & Sarah Flynn

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Re: The Housekeepers

Doireann Glackin (fiddle) and Sarah Flynn (concertina) with John Francis Flynn (guitar). Nice relaxed pace, just simple, wonderful pure drop. Available here:

Excerpt from the ‘about’ info:

This album shines a light on the music and lives of five remarkable early 20th Century Irish Traditional Musicians: Ella Mae O’Dwyer, Nora Hurley, Aggie Whyte, Ellen Galvin and Mollie Myers Murphy.

With the exception of a small number who recorded commercially, female musicians of previous generations tend to be remembered as peripheral figures in the tradition. This isn’t a true reflection of their musicality, instrumental proficiency, or the esteem in which their contemporaries held them.

In the course of this project, we delved into the lives of these women and discovered how they occupied a place at the heart of traditional music communities. Some played in dance halls, at house parties and community events whilst others were céilí band leaders, educators and composers.

As a result of family commitments and the social norms of the day, their music-making was largely confined to the home, a state of affairs which goes some way towards explaining why many never got the recognition they deserved. We want to acknowledge this under-representation and our album strives to preserve their artistic legacy for generations to come.