Frosty Morning

By Holly Tannen & Pete Cooper

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  1. Frosty Morning
    Sheep Shell Corn By The Rattle Of His Horn
  2. The Soldier And The Lady
  3. Prince William
    Pant Corlan Yr Wyn
  4. Jack O’Diamonds
  5. Muddy Roads
  6. Conversation With Death
  7. Halleluja, I’m A Bum
  8. Little Rabbit
  9. Rolling Of The Stones
  10. Shall I Sue?
    The Butterfly
  11. Polly Vaughan
  12. Young Collins

Two comments

Re: Frosty Morning

Another album that I found on itunes that was not on The Session.

Re: Frosty Morning

I don’t really see why it should be.