The Lumber Jills

By The Lumber Jills

  1. Shingle The Roof
    Jim The Fiddle Maker
    Mouth Of The Tobique
  2. Step Assis
    Reel De L’hiver
  3. New Brunswick
  4. Autumn’s Amber
    The Other Sister
    Tempermental Turning
  5. Bowing The Strings
    Ontario Swing
  6. Le Grain De Mil
  7. Jigue De Pointe- Sapin
    Moll In The Wad
    Lucky Trappers
  8. Mae Rose
    Trip To Market
  9. Lumber Jills Live
    Mont’s Tune
    White Rapids Breakdown
    Reel Du Point De Letang
  10. Taking Our Time
    The Break
    La Reel Galicia
  11. Stickney Way
    Heathrow Hussle
    Joe Cormier
  12. The Farthest Field

Three comments

The Lumber Jills

The Lumber Jills are a young group from eastern Canada and on this album they play a lot of Canadian folk tunes. This might be their first album? The group are playing at the National Celtic Festival in Portarlington, Australia. I looked at the artists page of the National Celtic Festival website and decided to search google play music for albums by this artist. I will do the same for other artists playing at the National Celtic Festival.

Re: The Lumber Jills

They’re Canadian, playing a Quebec tune in the video you posted. Listen to other arrangements of Big John McNeil, that’s generally how the tune sounds, and Quebec tunes for that matter.


Patti Kusturok playing Big John McNeil, starting at ~16 s:

Apparently the tune is of Scottish origin, though, it’s now a big Quebec/Canadian tune, which varies from the original Scottish tune a bit.