High Rock And Low Glen

By Dab Hand

  1. Macroom Lasses
    Never Was Piping So Gay
    The Silver Spire
  2. Married To A Soldier
  3. The Acrobat
    The Fly In The Night
  4. Weaver And The Factory Maid
  5. O’er The Water To Charlie
  6. Neil Mc Gregor Anderson
    Colin Burns
    Da Boanie Isle O’Whalsay
  7. The Pit Stands Idle
    Iron Bridge
  8. Just The Motion
  9. Close To The Floor
    The Girls Of Banbridge
    Black Eyed Biddy
  10. The Hare’s Dream
  11. The Blackberry Bush
    James McLellan’s Favourite
    The Ale Is Dear

Three comments

Dab Hand are:
Tom McConville - vocals, fiddle
Tom Napper - vocals, banjo, cittern, mandolin
Gordon Tyrrall - vocals, guitar, flute, piccolo
Distributed by CM Distribution N Yorkshire.
Celtic Music CM 025

This is quite an old album. I have it on vinyl from around 1986. It’s very good. If it’s out on CD now, I’m glad as Celtic music have had a bad reputation for holding on to old material and not re-releasing it.


Mea Culpa John J,
I should have stated that it is vinyl. I’m just getting around to categorising my vinyl collection and have posted a few of them on this site. I will be more diligent in future…Sorry to hear that CM are not re-releasing their material as there were some very tasty albums pout out by them.