7th St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Festival

By Various Artists

  1. Four Stone Walls
  2. Babes In The Woods
  3. Here For You
  4. Last Bus Home
  5. Standing In The Rain
  6. Delirious Cocktail
  7. The Mirror
  8. All The Ways You Wander
  9. Schooldays Over
  10. The Gold Ring No 2
    Baby Rory’s
  11. Lady Leroy
  12. Streets Of Derry
  13. Bonny Irish Maid
  14. The Spike Island Lasses
    The London Lasses
    The Congress
  15. McDermott’s Farewell
    The Lispole
  16. Father O’Flynn’s
  17. Mickey Dan’s
    Port Noinin
  18. Forever Free
  19. November

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Re: 7th St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Festival

1996, Magnetic Music

Tracks 1-3 Skidoo
Tracks 4-7 Reckless Pedestrians
Tracks 8-10 Skirm & Dezi Donnelly
Tracks 11-13 Geraldine McGowan Band
Tracks 14-16 Tommy O’Sullivan & Cathal Hayden
Tracks 17-19 Anam

As part of a generically-titled series, this is a frustrating release. Most of what’s here is listed as “previously unreleased,” meaning it’s unavailable on the individual artists’ albums. This is a shame because the Cathal Hayden and Dezi Donnelly tracks are quite good and would be worth owning if available separately. The first two bands are really more folk-pop than traditional though, and much of the disc in general will be unappealing to tune players.