Up in the Air

By Tim Clancy

  1. Bill Harte’s
    The Mist Covered Mountains
  2. Gus Breo
    Spoil The Dance
  3. The Dingle Wrens
  4. Fanny McHugh
  5. Jack The Lad
    Squash For Sale
  6. Gänger
  7. Drops Of Brandy
    Out On The Edge
  8. Danse Bergeret
  9. Sean Trews
    Potato Cake
  10. Crowley’s
    The Otter’s Holt
  11. Early Winter
  12. Sally In The Garden
    Cold Frosty Morn
  13. Master Blackall
  14. Chase Her Through The Garden
    The Reconciliation
  15. Solemn Tribute
    Local Hero
    Snappy Service
  16. Pretty Saro
    The Spanish Cloak
  17. Batuka
  18. Logan Water
    The Youngest Daughter
  19. Peggy’s Tune

One comment

Re: Up in the Air

Up in the Air was recorded in 2001 at Burning House Studio in Marquette, Michigan.
All tracks were produced by Jim Simmons and Tim Clancy. All tracks were arranged by Tim Clancy.

The musicians:

Tim Clancy: wood flute, accordion, piano, low whistle, hammered dulcimer
Nora Clancy: viola on tracks #11 and #19
Tess Clancy: fiddle
Michael Nowlin: bouzouki on tracks #8 and #12, guitar on track #3
Les Ross: percussion on tracks #5, #9, #15, and #17
Jim Simmons: banjo on #12
Shay Simmons: snare drum on track #15
David Wajda: bodhran on tracks #1, #3, #10, #14, and #18, bones on track #3
John Warstler: guitar on tracks #2, #5, #10, #11, #14, and #18

In addition to the traditional tunes on the album, the following tunes were composed by Tim Clancy:

Fanny McHugh
Jack the Lad
Squash for Sale
Out on the Edge
Potato Cake
Early Winter
Master Blackall
Solemn Tribute
Local Hero
Snappy Service
Peggy’s Tune

The album is currently available on Spotify and CD Baby https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/tim11