The Pipers’ Gathering 2015 Concert Series, Vol. 1

By Pipers Gathering

  1. Acadia
    Sandy Shoe
    Nollaig Shona
  2. Caoineadh Cu Chulainn
    Joe Bane’s
    Gypsy Princess
  3. Dot MacKinnon’s
    Tutti Flutti (Emma LeBlanc’s)
  4. Mazurka De Comptoir
  5. Snug In The Blanket
    Mrs. Ross’s
  6. The Old Bush
    The Boyne Hunt
  7. The Dark Slender Boy
  8. Sir Ulick Burke
    Byrne’s March
  9. An Cathair Rua
    Brother Gildas’
    Gan Anam
  10. The Man Who Died And Rose Again
  11. Cuckold Come Out Of The Amrey
  12. Now Westlin Winds
  13. Wantonness For Ever Mair
  14. The Farther Ben
    The Welcomer
  15. Donald MacLellan Of Rothesay
    Murdo MacLeod
  16. Ton Bale Leon Braz
    The Minister Would Not Dance
    The Skylark’s Ascension
  17. The Lass O’ Killiecrankie
    The Ladies Of Gormand
    Teelin Highland
  18. Donald Maclean
    Juan Martino’s
    Bobby Cuthbertson
  19. Julian Goodacre And Callum Armstrong