New Leaf

By Rodney Miller & David Surette

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  1. Arthur Seat
    Eugene Stratton
    Madame Neruda
  2. Auld Snatwell
  3. Princess
    Pacific Slope
    Marcel Martin
  4. Flowin’ Water
  5. Red Sunset
  6. Shadows On The Lawn
    The Brae
  7. Statue Clog
    Nightingale Clog
    Great Western Clog
    Lady Templeton’s Clog
  8. Poor Old Woman
    Ned Kendall’s
    Levi Beaulieu
  9. Italian Gigues
  10. Da Wedding March From Unst
    Da Auld Foula
  11. Caber Fey
    Island Ferry
    Wild Irish
  12. Wayne Merrill’s
  13. Frisco
  14. Evit Gabriel