The Road Less Traveled

By Danu

Seven comments

UK release date 21st October … write it in red in your diaries!!!

Stunning new vocalist Maureen McAuliffe joins the lads for the latest line-up.

As ever, impeccable stuff and worth crawling over broken glass for!

Ah yes - the new girl.

Just not digging her. I liked the guys singing their stuff in the previous releases. I could have done with them knocking out a few more. They are not finished singers including the new gal but they had heart.

As usual The instrumentals are great. There is much more of a traditional feel to this CD.

I agree with Mark, they could have chosen a better singer… and better songs…a little step backwards..

I like the “new girl”!!!

I think Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh is a GREAT singer…. sorry to disagree with the previous comments here, but she really is good (also great on “When All Is Said And Done”)….

She’s a very fine flute and whistle player too. And the “instrumentals are still great”!

Re: The Road Less Traveled

The link for “the Fairy” is incorrect as it takes you to the Fairy - Slip Jig. The reel that Danu plays is somewhat close to the D major version of this one (although in the opening few bars, the Danu piper Donnchadh Gough seems to take significant liberty with the melody, or else knows a different version)