40 Acre Notch

By The Hibs

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The Hibs - 40 Acre Notch

Released August, 2008, from the US.

Currently available here:
and iTunes.

They are:
- Jode Dowling (fiddle)
- Kate Dowling (whistle/flute)

- Brian Miller (guitar)
- Daithi Sproule (guitar)
- Brian Wade (bodhran)
- Paul Wehling (bouzouki)
- Martin McHugh (accordion)
- Sean Egan (piano)

Some more info is available here:

Apparently there’s two Tim O’Leary’s Mazurkas on track 12, only could find one here in thesession database. This happened with a few of the other tracks as well, for example, track 10.

Educated guess is that Jode & Kate got the tunes from those people or records, and may not be the proper names. The information on irishtune.info clears it up, a bit.

Re: 40 Acre Notch

Neither of the album’s "Dermott McLaughlin’s" or "Tim O’Leary’s" is here on The Session, so I’ve disconnected them.

Re: 40 Acre Notch

I admit I did not do the best job researching the tune names prior to releasing the CD. There were fewer resources available at the time, so I used sources. Since then, I have discovered more information and have posted more background here: http://hibsmusic.com/40acrenotch/

The recording is now on Spotify, but not yet on BandCamp.

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