Return Ticket

By The Sarah Burnell Band

  1. Mom’s
    Duncan Chisolm
  2. The Maid On The Shore
  3. Galician (Waltz)
    Galcian Carol
    Come December
  4. L’aloutte Et Le Pinson
  5. St. Kilda Wedding
    Mussels In The Corner
    The Miner’s Hat
  6. Trip To Pakistan
  7. Cape Breton Lullaby
  8. Reel Tzigane
    Reel Beatrice
  9. The Bloody Fields Of Culloden
  10. The Flowers Of Bermuda
  11. The Smith’s A Gallant Fireman
    Stirling Castle
    The Barrowburn
  12. Will Ye No Come Back Again?

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The Sarah Burnell Band - Return Ticket

Second album from this band. Their website:

Their first album:

Currently in the band:
- Sarah Burnell (fiddle)
- Graham Lindsey (percussion/drums/bodhran/fife/flute/whistle/mandolin/euphonium)
- Peter McKinnon (guitar)

More info on current and past band members is available on their website: