Heart of the Home

By Cherish The Ladies

  1. The Portumna Workhouse
    The Hurling Boys Of Portumna
  2. Glenties
  3. Paddy Mills’ Fancy
    The Eel In The Sink
    Johnny Henry’s
  4. Heart Of The Home
  5. The Murphy Boys
    Planxty Johnston
  6. Farewell To The Catskills
  7. Leddy From Cavan
    O’Loughlin’s Welcome To Miltown
    The House On The Hill
  8. The Little Thatched Cabin
  9. The Humours Of Mullin-a-Faunia
    Farewell To The Troubles Of The World
  10. Shadow Of A Singer And His Song
  11. Princess Beatrice
    The Fly By Night
  12. Ambletown
  13. Cailín Na Gruaige Doinne
    New Year’s Eve
    The Palm Tree
  14. Gloria’s Travels
    Galloping To The Glen
    The Montana

Two comments

Heart of the Home

I wonder why this album was not already on The Session.

Re: Heart of the Home

I have unlinked Moloney’s, because it was showing as a reel but the tune played is a jig.