Shreds and Patches

By John Kirkpatrick

  1. Waterman’s Dance
  2. The Gipsie Laddie
  3. Apple Core
  4. The Tailor And The Louse
  5. Peg Huglestone’s
  6. Little Sir William
  7. The Game Of All Fours
  8. Penny For Them
  9. Whitefryer’s
    Shreds And Patches
  10. Johnny Sands
  11. Oakham Poachers
  12. Bread And Jam Waltzer
    Mr Gubbin’s Bicycle

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Re: Shreds and Patches

1977. This album also features Sue Harris, but her name doesn’t show up on the digital recording and I wanted it to link to Itunes. I’m especially fond of track 3.