Make No Bones

By John Kirkpatrick

  1. Saint George
  2. Here’s To Coalport China
    The Ironbridge
  3. The Farmers And The Cow
  4. King George The Third’s Minuet
    Valentine’s Day
  5. The Wild, Wild Berry
  6. The Nutcracker And The Sugartongs
  7. Cold Blows The Wind
  8. We Be Come A-shrovin
  9. Fish And Bird
  10. St. David’s Day
    St Patrick’s Day In The Morning
    St George’s Day
  11. Uncle Jeremy’s Winking Rabbit
    Above The Bank
  12. Nelson’s Death And Victory
  13. The Nobleman’s Wedding
  14. Tristan And Iesult
    The Dark Queen
  15. On Yonder Old Oak
  16. Lord Bateman
  17. Freda Chucked A Sock
    Scraping The Mold Off The Marmelade
  18. I Wanna Go Twang (but I Just Go Toora-loo)

One comment

Re: Make No Bones

Released in 2007, this is actually 2 cds in one. Tracks 1 through 10 are on the first, and the last 8 are on the second.