August Gale

By Christina Smith & Jean Hewson

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  1. Breakwater Boys Breakdown
    Clyde Wells Dream
    The Meech Lake Breakdown
  2. The August Gale
  3. Liverpool
    Sam Sinnicks’ Tune
    Centennial Highway
  4. The Green Shores Of Fogo
  5. Sinus Infection
    Dr. Redmond To The Rescue
    Dr. Burrage’s
  6. Butter And Cheese
  7. Frank Stamp’s Tune
    Tom Lake’s Favourite
  8. The Privateer
  9. Six Handed
    Joey Clement’s
    Cyril Flynn’s Good Old Tune
    Mrs. Belle’s (Form A Line)
  10. The Curragh Of Kildare
  11. Jim Rumbolt’s Tune
    Esau Payne’s Tune
  12. The Snow Shoveller’s
  13. Atlantic Blue
  14. Le Bon Vin

Three comments

Christina Smith & Jean Hewson - August Gale

2005 album. Christina Smith (fiddle) & Jean Hewson (guitar/vocals).

Re: August Gale

Lovely album with some great sets of Newfoundland tunes! (Plus three or four great songs as well.)

Re: August Gale

BTW, my understanding is Mrs Belle’s Close In Tune is mislabeled on this album, and should actually be Mrs Belle’s Form a Line. (As it is called on )