Masters of the Tradition, Vol. 1

By Muriel Johnstone

  1. Sir George Clerk Of Pennycuick
    Loch Earn
    Lady Charlotte Campbell
    Earl Of Lauderdale
  2. Frank Gilruth
  3. Willie’s Rare And Willie’s Fair
    Todlen Hame
  4. Earl Of Elgin’s Favorite (Air)
    Mr Stuart Trotter’s
    Mr Alexander Laing’s
  5. Dargai
    Dr Baird
    The Field Of Bannockburn March
  6. Earl Of Haddington
    Major Molle
    Lady Hunter Blair’s
    Cross Of Inverness
  7. Mr Wilson’s
    Miss Ann Cameron’s, Balvenie
    Miss Gordon Of Liverpool
  8. The Lea Rig
  9. Miss Mary Douglass’s Favorite
    Lady Hope Of Pinkie
    Miss Macleod Of MacLeod
    The Princess Royal
  10. Lady Peel
    The Earl Of Angus And Arran
    Miss Betty Hunter
  11. Flo‘ers O’ The Forest
  12. Lord Rosslyn’s Fancy
    Sodger Laddie
    The Merry Dancers
    Miss Nancy Frowns
  13. Niel Gow’s Lament On The Death Of His Second Wife

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