Highland Shortbread

By Muriel Johnstone & Keith Smith

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  1. March For The Waccles
    Pfingsten Ball
    No, No, No, But
    Toast To The Mousies
  2. Maguy Leoghannain
  3. The Marquis Of Huntley
    Miss Ogilvie’s Fancy
    Captain Keeler
    Miss Margaret Graham
  4. Jiggy Tiggy
    Who Shot Bambi?
    The Logger’s
    Spot The Bothy
  5. The Ravens Of Strathcona
    Raven Lodge
  6. Ian Addison McCallum Alsop
  7. Highland Shortbread
    The Carpenter Ant Rant
    The Lad Fae Dundee
    Still Going Strong
  8. Knoydart Wedding
    The Wedding
  9. Timeslip
  10. Charles J.P.S. McHardy Esq., Of Invergordon
    Douglas’s March
    Elspeth Gray
    The Berwick Braveheart
  11. Elliot’s Walk
    The Arrival Of Elliot
  12. Keith Of Kylin
    Farr, Far Away
  13. The 9lb Chicken
    The Eagles’ Feast
    Hummingbird Bill
    Keith Smith’s Compliments To Cathy Fraser
  14. Lullaby For Kenza

Three comments

Re: Highland Shortbread

A mixture of old and new tunes, most from Scotland. I also wonder why this album was not on The Session.

Re: Highland Shortbread

It does have an unfortunate title but I’ve just had listen and the music is actually very good of its kind.

Of course, the style is more sedate and what you might expect to encounter more on the Scottish Dance music/Fiddle and Accordion rather than in your regular trad session or more modern bands.
However, there’s nothing wrong with the music or tunes though and it’s not really what I’d have described as “Tartan” either.

Re: Highland Shortbread

I don’t think the title is unfortunate. I love shortbread.