By Ten Strings and a Goat Skin

  1. Huginn & Muninn
  2. The Grey Funnel Line
  3. The Night They Moved The House
  4. Kick The Crow
  5. Parlez-nous à Boire
  6. The Uniform
  7. The Drunken Police Car
    The Box Reels #2
    Music For A Found Harmonium
  8. Farewell To Uik
  9. The Liffey Reels
  10. Fir Bolg
    Tastes Like Grapes
  11. Vive La Rose
  12. Bully In The Alley

One comment

Re: Corbeau

FWIW, the first reel on track 7 sounds an awful lot like MacLeod’s Farewell.