The King Of The Pipers

By Leo Rowsome

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The King of the Pipers

Tis is the first LP of uilleann pipe music ever, published as Claddagh CC1, 1959
It’s one of the great classics now and should be known at least by all pipers!

Looks like the tracks are reversed from the album sequence - it’s beginning with side 2 of the LP.

Side 2 is played on C pipes, by the way - side 1 on D. It’s a way of illustrating the different qualities of the two sets of pipes, like recording half of an album on viola, half on violin, or the like.

Re: The King Of The Pipers

I’ve linked the first tune on track 10 to The Kerry Jig This is in accordance with how it is described on the LP (a single jig). Granted Leo played it fast so that it sounds like a bouncy reel, but Breandán Breathnach transcribed it in 12/8 time in CRE3.36. (There’s a typo in the book, ascribing it it to Leon Rowsome). When Paddy Keenan played the same set with the Bothy Band he maybe straightened it out a bit.
JackB transcribed PK’s setting of the Ballintore (Fancy) Jig (from his solo album (Port An Phíobaire) in 12/8. Others might hear a bouncy reel..