Reprise (Athchuairt)

By Paddy Glackin And Micheal O Domhnaill

  1. Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight
    Elizabeth Kelly’s
  2. The Bonny Banks Of Loch Lomond
  3. John Kelly’s Concertina
  4. The Merry Sisters
    The Silver Spear
  5. The Green Fields Of Amerikay
  6. The Lone Bush
    Quinn From Armagh
  7. Brid Ban
  8. Australian Waters
    The Wedding
  9. I’d Rather Be Married Than Left
    Chase Me Charley
    The Kilcumin
  10. The Boatman
  11. The Crying Of The Women In The Slaughter
  12. The Golden Keyboard
    The Salamanca
    Jenny’s Chickens

Four comments

The first set of tunes made buying this album worthwhile. I’m not a great fan of some of the songs though…

As a backer I love the chords he uses for the first jigs-it really opens the tunes up

John Kelly’s Reel, The Merry Sisyers and Siver Spear

Paddy Glackin is Fantastic fiddle player and so is Michael on the Guitar. Anyone who can find fault with this Duo doesn’t know anything about fiddle playing. I play the fiddle myself and i just wish i had some of the ability that Paddy has.One of the best fiddle players in the world.