By Goitse

Added by Jeremy .
  1. John O’Cullenane’s Dog
    Callan Lasses
    The Odd Door
  2. Jim’s (Polka)
    Make Me A
  3. Henry Joy
  4. Nancy’s Arrival
    Eagle’s Rock
    Sunny Hills Of Beara
  5. The Queen Of Argyll
  6. Siobháinín Seó
    The Truce
  7. Invasion
    The Birdwatcher
    Bloody Nose In Ben Eoin
  8. Úrchnoc Chéin Mhic Cáinte
  9. Jerry’s Rambles
    King Of The Pipers
    Geese In The Bog
  10. Emerald (Isle Of Gola)
  11. My Lodging Is Uncertain
    Dinny Ho’s
    Denis Murphy’s