Passage of Time

By John Whelan

  1. January’s Journey
    D D’s Car
  2. Frances O’Neill’s
    Jesse And Franchesca’s Miracle
    Stop The Car
  3. Louise
  4. The Broadstone Inn
    Big Snugs
    Beth Patterson’s
  5. Denis Dillon’s
    Square Dance
    Dancing On The Riverboat
  6. Trip To Skye
  7. Ian’s Return To Ireland
    Denis Whelan’s
  8. Flirting With The Edge
    Rockaway Beach
    Emmett’s Revenge
  9. From The Heart
  10. Desaunay
    The Petticoat I Bought In Mullingar
  11. Alterios’
  12. Song For Hillary
  13. Bob’s Garden Of Earthly Delights
  14. Queen Esther’s
    What Daddy?
  15. Spellan The Fiddler
    The Windy City
    Deacon Harry Doyle
  16. Lost Souls
  17. Dancing To A Lot Of Time
  18. Enniscorthy
    Daddy’s Home
  19. Passage Of Time
  20. My Ballingarry Lady

Three comments

John Whelan - Passage of Time

2013 album.

Available on iTunes, and CDBaby (

Featuring on each track:
1) Tom Wetmore, Robin Bullock, Denny McDermott, Liz Knowles & Seamus Egan
2) Tom Wetmore, John McGann, Robin Bullock & Jim Eagan
3) Brendan Dolan, Molly Mason & Jay Ungar
4) John McGann, Tom Wetmore, Jim Eagan & Robin Bullock
5) Jerry O‘Sullivan, Pat Kilbride, Liz Knowles, Lisa Gutkin, Jerry Douglas, Tim O’Brien, Winifred Horan & Lincoln Schleifer
6) Pat Kilbride & Lisa Gutkin
7) Felix Dolan
8) Jerry O’Sullivan, Liz Knowles, Robin Bullock, Denny McDermott, Tom Wetmore & Seamus Egan
9) Seamus Egan & Brendan Dolan
10) Mark Simos
11) Tom Wetmore, Liz Knowles & Robin Bullock
12) Seamus Egan
13) Jerry O’Sullivan, Pat Kilbride & Danny Noveck
14) Cillian Vallely, Jim Eagan & Robin Bullock
15) Cillian Vallely, John McGann & Tom Wetmore
16) Todd Reynolds, Ron Lawrence, Liz Knowles & Mary Wooten
17) Seamus Egan, Pat Kilbride, Molly Mason & John Ballesteros
18) Patrick Mangan, Flynn Cohen, Paddy League & Aaron Olwell
19) Tim O’Brien, Winifred Horan, Pat Kilbride, Lincoln Schleifer & Jerry Douglas
20) Seamus Connolly, Tom Wetmore & Gabriel Donohue

Re: Passage of Time

Why so few tunes in the Session database? Are these obscure, or event compositions?

Re: Passage of Time

Aaaand now I read the album title and the they are his original compositions.