By Molly’s Revenge

  1. Pipe Jigs
  2. Mighty Reels
  3. Slides
  4. Harvey’s Peacock
  5. Gordon Duncan Set
  6. The Ballydesmond
    What Daddy?
    The Trip To Dingle
  7. Laurie Rivin’s Tunes
  8. Twisty Jigs
  9. Willow Garden
  10. Black Pat Set
  11. Deer Sally Brown

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Molly’s Revenge - Trio

Eleventh album from this group, released in 2013. All instrumental tunes.

On this album:
- David Brewer (highland bagpipes/whistles/bodhran)
- John Weed (fiddle)
- Stuart Mason (guitar/mandola)

Album review:

Available on iTunes, CDBaby ( ), and their website:

Will try to identify the tunes in each set later.