Scottish Fiddle Master

By Ron Gonnella

  1. Annie Laurie
    Miss Barstow’s
    Miss Robertson
  2. Bert Gonnella’s
    Lizzie Duncan’s Fancy
  3. Dandie Dinmont
    Sir David Davidson Of Cantray
  4. Miss Campbell Of Saddell’s
    Miss Sophia Campbell (Of Saddell’s)
  5. Willie Smith
    The Morrisonian
    James Millar, Bullionfield
  6. Durrisdeer
  7. Herbie MacLeod Of Boston’s
    Ron Gonnella’s Compliments To Senator Robert Byrd Of West Virginia
  8. Miss Mary Lee’s Delight
    Miss Marianne Oliphant (Rossie’s)
    Hon. Mrs Maule’s
  9. Johnny Faa
    Miss Agnes Loudon
    Rachael Rae
  10. The Prince Of Wales
    Jamie Gow, Crathie Bellman
  11. Bonny Aboyne
    Mr Eager’s
    Miss Sandra Webster
  12. Jamie Lyall
    Willie Blair
    Rut Bell’s
  13. Miss J Rose’s
    Mrs Oswald Of Auchincruive’s Favourite
    The Good Doctor
  14. Willie’s Fair And Willie’s Rare
    The Flowers Of The Forest
  15. Miss Gray Of Carse
    The Fife And Forfar Hunt’s Favourite
    The Forfar Hunt

Seven comments

Track 5

Seems to have 4 names but 3 tunes. Does anyone know how these properly match up?

Also, how has there not been a comment on this yet? It’s a great record!

Re: Scottish Fiddle Master

The third tune on track 5 is actually a traditional reel called “James Millar, Bullionfield”.

Re: Scottish Fiddle Master

Nigel, that’s a good tune. I particularly like “The Morrisonian” strathspey, do you know anything about it?

Answered my own question

Thanks to the information on Gonnella you’ve put up on your site, Nigel, I was able to answer my question about “The Morrisonian Strathspey”: composed by the fiddler. Seems Gonnella was a decent tunesmith as well as a brilliant player. Again, thanks for compiling that info on him.

Re: Scottish Fiddle Master

Morrison’s Academy is in the next street from me in the wee town of Crieff, Perthshire, and it’s where Ron Gonnella was a teacher. He published at least one book of his own compositions (’The New Atholl Collection" 1986), but he wrote many more than is in that book.

Re: Scottish Fiddle Master

I assumed it had to do with Morrison’s Academy based on its authorship and your notes about Gonnella’s connection to it. Thanks for the confiramation. 🙂

Re: Scottish Fiddle Master

This is back in my focus again, as the strathspey “Dandie Dinmont” (track 3, first tune) has gotten stuck in my head over the last day. Such a great tune, and so magnificently interpreted. It’s one of the only times I can think of when Gonnella recorded a tune in a minor key. Nigel can correct me if I’m wrong.