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Alana & Leigh Cline

2016 album from father & daughter.

On this album:
- Alana Cline (fiddle)
- Leigh Cline (guitar)
- Bill Kervin (bodhran, tracks 2, 5, 6, 9, & 10)
- Loretto Reid (whistle, tracks 2 & 10)

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1) The Black Mill

The Black Mill/Crib of Perches/Dunrobin Castle (Reels) 4:31

The Black Mill is a tune Alana learned while studying music at York University. It can be found in The Skye Collection under the name Muileann Dubh, and is listed as being “very old”. Our friend Conor Cronin taught us Crib of Perches (Creel of Perches); a creel is a type of fisherman’s basket used to carry caught fish. Dunrobin Castle is a tune we learned from the playing of Lúnasa. Dunrobin Castle has a ghost story attached to it. There are several versions, one of which is: as a castle in Scotland, it is the seat of the Earl of Sutherland. In the 17th century, the Earl’s daughter fell in love with and decided she wanted to marry the stable boy. As a result, the Earl locked her in the tower. While she was trying to escape, she fell to her death, and it is said she still haunts the tower today.

2) Slip Jigs

Whinny Hills of Leitrim/Ryan’s/Humours of Whiskey (Slip Jigs) 3:33

Leigh learned the first two tunes from Aly Bain & The Boys of the Lough during their early North American tours. Ryan’s is alternatively called Cathal McConnell’s or the Cock and the Hen. Humours of Whiskey we learned from Altan. It was first recorded in 1919 by piper Patsy Touhey.

3) The Kerry Lassie Medley

Mother & Child/The Monaghan Twig/The Basket of Oysters/ The Kerry Lassie (Reels) 3:44

All four of these tunes were taught to Alana by Maeve Donnelly. Mother & Child also goes by the alternate title of The Yellow Cow. The Basket of Oysters and The Kerry Lassie can be found in James Goodman’s Tunes of the Munster Pipers, which was compiled in the 1860s.

4) Huntingtone Castle Set
Huntingtone Castle/Crossing to Ireland/The Warlocks/Bog an Lochan/Nine Pint Coggie/Keep It Up (Air/Waltz/Strathspeys/Reels) 9:09

This set we learned from Sandy MacIntyre. Alana learned this set early on when studying with Sandy. Huntingtone Castle is one of the older tunes we play, composed by John Bowie, who lived from 1759-1815 in Scotland. The tune was included in a collection he published in 1789 (A Collection of Strathspey Reels & Country Dances). Keep It Up can be found in Köhlers’ Violin Repository of Dance Music Book I, published in 1881.

5) Pigeon on the Gate

Swallowtail Reel/Pigeon on the Gate/Rakish Paddy (Reels) 5:27

Swallowtail is a popular tune played in multiple Celtic music traditions. Alana learned Pigeon on the Gate from the fiddler Brenda Curtin, and Rakish Paddy from fiddler Paul O’Shaughnessy, while at the Meitheal Summer School in 2008.

6) Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight/Gusty’s Frolics (Slip Jigs) 3:09

Alana learned both of these tunes from Maeve Donnelly. Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight is also know as Catherine Kelley’s. Gusty’s Frolics can be found in O’Neill’s Music of Ireland under the name Gurty’s Frolics.

7) Drowsy Maggie Variations

Drowsy Maggie/Drowsy Maggie/Glass of Beer/ Sleepy Maggie/Sleepy Maggie/Jenny’s Chickens (Reels) 3:44

All of the tunes in this set are from the same tune family. We start with the popular Irish version of Drowsy Maggie, and then move to the Donegal version of Drowsy Maggie, which Alana learned from Paul O’Shaughnessy. Glass of Beer is an Irish tune which is similar to the tune Sleepy Maggie. Sleepy Maggie is a Scottish version of Drowsy Maggie. The first version we play of Sleepy Maggie Alana learned from Sandy MacIntyre, and the second from the playing of Winston Fitzgerald. To finish off this set, we play Jenny’s Chickens, an Irish tune that is very similar to Sleepy Maggie.

8) Offset 2:43

Offset is composed by Leigh Cline and is based on Balkan themes. It features metre changes in almost every bar with time signatures as varied as 13/8, 7/8, 15/8 etc.

9) Doctor O’Neill/Coleman’s Cross (Jigs) 4:16

Doctor O‘Neill is found in O’Neills Music of Ireland. Coleman’s Cross is a Sligo tune.

10) Mason’s Apron/Canon Reel 3:42

Mason’s Apron is a popular reel played in Irish, Scottish, and Cape Breton music. The Canon Reel is Pachelbel Canon as a reel. The Canon Reel also goes by the names Kohler’s Hornpipe and Laybourn’s Hornpipe. The tune can be found titled Hornpipe in Köhlers’ Violin Repository of Dance Music Book I, arranged by W.B. Laybourn.