Fiddle Gems

By Ron Gonnella

  1. Well May My True Love Arrive
    The Northern Racecourse
  2. The Rebel War Song
    Belladrum House
    The Favourite Dram
  3. Well May Charlie Wear The Crown
    The Northern Meeting
    The Sprightly Minikin
  4. Sitting In The Stern Of A Boat
  5. The Beauty Of The North
    The Stranger In Place Of The Worthies Of Yore
    The Inauspicious Wedding Day
  6. Good Wife Admit The Wanderer
    The Maid That Made The Bed To Me
  7. The Fall Of Foyers
    The North Side Of The Grampians
    In Dispraise Of Whisky
  8. Archibald MacDonald Of Keppoch
    The Expert Dancer
    The Merry Making
  9. Huntly’s Wedding Medley
    The General Gathering 1745
    The Shepherdess
    My Ain Kind Deary
  10. Hymn To The Saviour
  11. My Wife Is Forever Storming At Me
    The Hawthorn Tree Of Cawdor
    Come Lads, Now Be Ready
  12. Caledonia’s Wail For Niel Gow
    Angus Fraser’s
    Three Sheep’s Shanks