The Piping Centre 1996 Recital Series - Volume 4

By Angus MacColl & Gordon Duncan

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  1. Rab’s Wedding
  2. Lady Madelina Sinclair
    Campbeltown Kiltie Ball
    The Rose Among The Heather
    The Road To Benderloch
    The Silver Spear
  3. Kelly MacColl
    Margaret M Black
    The Centenary Jewel
  4. The Merry Macs
    Cutting Bracken
    Kenny Gillies Of Portnalong Skye
    Troy’s Wedding
  5. Susan MacLeod
    John Roy Stewart
    Fiona MacLeod
  6. John MacDonald Of Glencoe
    MacLean Of Pennycross
    Arthur Bignold Of Lochrosque
    The Argyllshire Gathering
  7. The Eavesdropper
    Daniel Michael Coleman’s Father’s Fancy
    Delaney’s Drummers
    Calliope House
  8. Kenneth MacDonald
    Moonlight On The Heather
    J K’s
    Jimmy Hay, Hey Jimmy
  9. The Brig O’ Perth
    The Rusty Gun
    Stirling Castle
    The Duke Of Gordon’s Birthday
    The Ramnee Ceilidh
    Susan Lazell’s
    The Ness Pipers
  10. The Duchess Of Edinburgh
    The 93rd At Modder River
  11. Caileach An Dudain (Old Wife Of The Mill Dust)
    John Patterson’s Mare
    Donald Cameron’s Powder Horn
  12. The MacDougal’s Gathering
  13. Crossing The Minch
    The Clumsy Lover
  14. Wing Commander Donald McKenzie
    Andy Renwick’s Ferret
    Niamh’s Capers
    The Inverness Incident
    Where’s Ma Mace