Live in Shetland

By Jenna Reid

  1. Welcome
  2. Auld Berrie
  3. Da Flugga
    Suckey Bids Me
    St Kilda Wedding
  4. The Pentland Hills
    The Portage
  5. The Border Piper
    The Day Off
  6. Avalanche
  7. How Must We Abstain From Whisky
    The Shepherdess
    In Dispraise Of Whisky
  8. Burn O’ Couster
    Barbara Emslie
    Tom And Janette’s 50th Fling
  9. Hector The Hero
  10. Light And Airy
    Bert Ferguson
  11. Nellies Favourite
  12. Archie Neil Chisholm
    Trip To Miriam’s
    Laxo Burn
  13. Lorna
  14. Johnny In The Nether Mains
    Jamie Shearer
    The Marquis Of Tullibardine
  15. The Dean Brig O’ Edinburgh
  16. Papa Stour Bridal March
    Princess Beatrice
    The Cape Breton’s Return To Shetland
  17. Leaving Lerwick Harbour
  18. The Newcastle
    Dr Neil Cadenhead
    The Hurricane

One comment

Re: Live in Shetland

A beautiful solo album, recorded in the Mareel in Lerwick.
Tracks 1 - 7 are Jenna with Bethany Reid (piano, tracks 8 - 12 are Jenna with Kevin Henderson (guitar)
and tracks 13 - 18 are Jenna with Harris Playfair (piano)

You can hear and purchase the tracks here